We at Machined Aluminium Profiles have a wealth of experience and knowledge focusing on machined aluminium extrusion, aluminium profiling and fabrication. We also machine other materials and also some plastics. Our production runs 24 x 7 to keep pace with the ever increasing demand for our services. So, rest assured, for high volume components and profiles we are more than capable of achieving fast turnaround times best suited to your needs. As a small but focused company we can maintain our goal of exceeding customer expectation and delivering high quality aluminium components.

We believe we are one of the most competitive aluminium machining companies within the UK as we also benefit from long term purchase agreements with our suppliers for aluminium extrusion products, we have shown savings of up twenty percent which in todays climate is worth thinking about, effectively what can we save you. We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we machine and all consignments are packed in a way that reflects our view on quality. We welcome all enquiries for both small and large volume orders and will ensure that your enquiry is handled professionally and swiftly through to quotation where we hope your order will be placed with us.


Our strength lies in our ability not only to machine quality aluminium components or profiles for the likes of SAPA, HYDRO ALUMINIUM and other aluminium extrusion mills but we are unique in that we also machine components and extrusion for other machining companies throughout the UK as we have a stand fast no approach and confidentiality policy offering security and peace of mind for our growing and very loyal sub-contract customer base.